Lomography and Urban Outfitters asked you to join us on our Excellent Adventure, and boy did you show us a good time! From beautiful sunsets, tasty popsicles and grins as blinding as the sun, we had a blast adventuring vicariously through your photos. Check out the lucky winners below, including our Grand Prize winner bmrawli, who won the chance to curate his very own exhibit at our Lomography Gallery Store in New York City!

Our Grand Prize winner bmrawli

Photo by bmrawli

The top 15 winners will each receive a La Sardina Splendour
(blondielocks, brianmilo, crincle, elenakulikova, fanny_wu, freyfrey, johnnra, jorgesato, kingnate, littlehippo, mandiulloa, mikahsupageek, nessii87, rake & tanono)

Photo by blondielocks Photo by brianmilo Photo by crincle Photo by elenakulikova starpower by fanny_wu Photo by freyfrey Photo by johnnra Photo by jorgesato Photo by kingnate New York City by littlehippo Photo by mandiulloa Photo by mikahsupageek adri! by nessii87 We caught the sunrise by rake Photo by tanono

The second tier of 15 winners will each receive a La Sardina Beach Edition camera
(-alia-, alisonjit, awm4, beckyiskindofcool, clownshoes, emilios, evanmillican, gendis, heavenkot, jennysparkle, peropero, saviorjosh, shantelleycake, stouf & tracyvmoore)

Photo by -alia- Southwell Workhouse by alisonjit Photo by awm4 Photo by beckyiskindofcool Photo by clownshoes Photo by emilios Photo by evanmillican merapi moountain by gendis nature vs civilization by heavenkot Photo by jennysparkle Canoa Quebrada, Brazil by peropero Photo by saviorjosh Photo by shantelleycake Photo by stouf The Madonna Inn by tracyvmoore

The next 60 winners will each receive a Fisheye Baby 110
(adatta, akabee, aprilrich427, badjuju, bernhardjw, bmrawli, button, chippo, clownshoes, dannyedwards, diegodalmaso, djramsay, drame, ellogovna, ellogovna, espiadimonis, flashmoose27, fritssi, fruchtzwerg_hh, gabbibonilha, gborin, getvicious, ghidini, goldie, jeabzz, jennkitagawa, jennysparkle, kemanim, kristenblanton, kylethefrench, la_bimbi, lavothas, lawypop, le_ors, lighthouse_keeperess, marcus_loves_film, marielotass, matty, megustastu, mjkaplow, nab, nacho, nishichauhan, oksarna, paula412, paytenpurdy, piattola22, rake, rayofsun, saintempire, savethemarianne, scaryclaire, shiseiten, simonwright, smash, sorrilha, susielomovitz, susielomovitz, trw & yattering)

wind, waves, women by adatta Photo by akabee Photo by aprilrich427 Xpro by badjuju Cowboy Motel by bernhardjw Photo by bmrawli in the land of books by button Photo by chippo Photo by clownshoes Photo by dannyedwards Photo by diegodalmaso Carrie27's bbq birthday with my family by djramsay Retrato by drame under the boardwalk by ellogovna land of oversized tea cups by ellogovna #Enajenadxs by espiadimonis Photo by flashmoose27 Photo by fritssi Abandoned theme park Spreepark by fruchtzwerg_hh Venice Gondola by gabbibonilha cabo de sto agostinho by gborin Photo by getvicious LC-A+ March by ghidini Photo by goldie Photo by jeabzz Photo by jennkitagawa Photo by jennysparkle Photo by kemanim Photo by kristenblanton Photo by kylethefrench Photo by la_bimbi Photo by lavothas Photo by lawypop double by le_ors Photo by lighthouse_keeperess D-Lux Budget Motel by marcus_loves_film Photo by marielotass Photo by matty Back To Basics: Aperture and Depth of Field by megustastu Escaped from Alcatraz by mjkaplow Beach Houses by nab Photo by nacho The Right Angle by nishichauhan Photo by oksarna Photo by paula412 Desert Hot Springs by paytenpurdy Photo by piattola22 Photo by rake Photo by rayofsun Photo by saintempire Photo by savethemarianne Photo by scaryclaire Stormy Coast by shiseiten Photo by simonwright Happy Birthday by smash Photo by sorrilha Cherry Blossom Girl. by susielomovitz Photo by susielomovitz Seattle meets Reno - Doubles with Vici by trw Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive by yattering

The next 10 winners will each receive a Fisheye Baby 110 for social media sharing
(alexisastorga, bernardocople, cakmanson, c_squared, elenakulikova, filipdr, lomo-tigerlily, madox, nativefilm & phantomphoenixphotos)

Photo by alexisastorga Photo by bernardocople Photo by cakmanson Photo by c_squared Photo by elenakulikova Photo by filipdr Photo by lomo-tigerlily Photo by madox Photo by nativefilm Portraits of High School Friends | Zenit ET | HOLGA 400 B&W Film | June 1 2012 by phantomphoenixphotos